2017 - 2018 Distinguished Merit Show Season

The title of "Distinguished Merit" is the highest honor that a breeder can earn.
It designates a male cat that has sired 15 Grand Champions or Grand Premiers, or a female who has produced 5 Grands.

A complete list by cattery of Russian Blue DMs to the current show season is here
Photographs (in chronological order) of all the Russian Blues who have earned the title of DM begin here

Cat name Sex Sire Dam Breeder/Owner
GC, BW, NW Samovar Nickleandime, DM Male GC Royal Blue Kodachrome OF Samovar GC Samovar Squashblossom Br/Ow: Gene-Marci Baturin


GC, BW, NW Samovar Nickleandime, DM